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So after that great week of hiking, what happened?

So after that great week of hiking, what happened? I haven’t really been blogging about hiking lately, but I’ve managed a few non-descript ones. After hitting my weekly hiking quota for a single week, life reared its ugly head, and I spent some time doing other physical activities, such as replacing all the windows on my hovel and helping my buddy Mark sort out his workshop before his impending move to California. Not to mention a little bit of fickle spring weather, though I can’t really blame anything on that. Still, the mile count grows; and so does the mile count deficit. I think the 1st quarter numbers are going to look bleak… probably around 60% of goal. But the weather is here, wish you were beautiful, and I’ll be a hiking fool once summer really arrives…

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March 25th, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | no comments

Big Bluestem to North Shanahan Ridge Loop

Bear Peak from Big Bluestem, OvercastWent for a high speed hike up and around the Big Bluestem to South Shanahan Ridge Loop today. I cranked through it just over an hour and a half, which is good considering my poor conditioning and the fact that it is a long steady climb in the clockwise rotation. 5.5 miles, including side trips. Hopefully this week I can make up some miles–right now I seem to have slipped to about 60% of goal, despite the improving weather.

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March 19th, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | no comments

Shanahan Ridge Full Loop

Randi and I went for a longer hike up Middle to North Shanahan Ridge trail, then along the Mesa and descended the South Shanahan Ridge trail. It’s good to finally be getting in hikes around Boulder longer than my quota, instead of shivering through 1 mile hikes. Nice to see that even the Mesa trail in that area is mostly snow-free, except for a short north-facing section. 4.6 miles, including side trips.

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March 18th, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | no comments

Shanahan Ridge East Loop

NCAR on Table Mesa from North Shanahan Ridge TrailWent for a quick hike up and around the lower Shanahan Ridge Loop to see where the snowmelt was in the trees on the mesa. Surprisingly things were mostly dry, with only a few small spots where the snow was still melting and the trail a bit muddy. I’m glad to see that this warm weather is having its effect. 3.2 miles, including side trips.

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Big Bluestem/South Boulder Creek Loop

Went for a quick 4.1 mile hike in some really fine spring-like weather. The lower elevation trails are finally drying up quite nicely now, so it is time to get some miles in, though there is still lots of snow on any trail with serious relief. I’ve also gone on a few shorter hikes lately that I haven’t been good at blogging about–there’s only so much one can write about walking the creek path. Nonetheless, the miles count.

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March 11th, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | no comments

100 Miles at Last

On a cold, blustery day I managed just a short 1.1 mile hike on the Bear Creek Path. Other than the fact the wind actually knocked the dig off his feet (ok, he was standing on a patch of ice at the time), there’s nothing really all that exciting to report about this hike. Except of course that I hit the 100 mile milestone, marking one-tenth of my yearly goal, and on the first day of March, no less.

Perhaps it is time to think about the mathematics again. Obviously I am behind, but winter is winter–and it has been especially brutal in Colorado this year. With approximately 16% of the year already gone, I’ve hiked only 10% of my mileage. While I should have hiked 161.64 miles to be on pace, my 100.4 miles means I’ve covered only about 62% of the miles needed to keep pace with my 1000 mile goal. That’s a tiny bit less than the two-thirds ratio I was hoping to keep through winter.

Nonetheless I am not that concerned as the weather is steadily beginning to improve. Soon I’ll be exceeding my mileage quotient most days, instead of these piddling 1.1 milers. Interestingly my difficulty factor ratings of each hike–which for the moment are private, pending my finishing a spreadsheet plugin for WordPress–average out to only about 95%. That reflects all the short, easier hikes brought on by a fierce winter, but a curious anomaly is that my mileage adjusted for difficulty factor is still slightly above the actual mileage at 103.2 adjusted miles. (The reason for the discrepancy is that the hikes I rated as having a high difficulty factor were fewer in number but longer in miles.) In any case, it just goes to show what I sort of predicted to friends who encouraged me to take the difficulty factor of my hikes into consideration–it probably won’t much matter.

Hopefully I’ll finish that spreadsheet plugin soon and my readers will be able to rate my hikes for difficulty as well!

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March 1st, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | no comments