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An April of Almosts

In April I came close to hiking the eighty-two-and-a-half miles I needed to manage to make quota for the first month, but the snow and heavy rain early in the month set me far enough back that not even the warmer weather toward the end of the month could allow me to catch up. Still, I managed to hike 71.6 miles in April for a pretty even pace of 2.4 miles a day. That’s much better than most months so far, and reverses a worrisome trend. Consider the following spreadsheet of monthly hiking miles:

In January and February I was averaging about 1.75 miles a day, thanks in no small part to our vacation in Hawaii in January and snowshoeing and ski hut trips in February. But March was another story–it was mud season here on the Front Range and the hiking was cold, wet, slow and difficult–and so I managed only about 1.2 miles a day hiking, not good at all. Moreover, I went hiking on fewer days in march than in the previous two months, which was a huge handicap. It makes me wonder if I really am a fair-weather hiker after all. So after that dismal performance, 2.4 miles a day in April seems much better.

After 4 months I am at about 64% of the necessary mileage to be on track for 1000. But to not fall behind, I’ve got to up my goal from the 2.75 miles a day to at least 3.3 miles a day for the rest of the year. So even though I didn’t make my goal of averaging 2.75 miles a day in April, in May my goal is to average at least 3.3 miles a day. And actually, I need to do start exceeding my monthly goals–I am not likely to average 3.3 miles a day in November and December.

So May’s real goal is hit not just 102.3 miles (3.3 a day) , but to break 100 miles by a goodly margin, say at least 10%. And in June, July and August the bar needs to be set even higher…

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