1000 Miles or Bust!

Take a Hike…

Isabelle, O Isabelle

Lake Isabelle

A place that was once loved to death, Lake Isabelle looks well on the way to recovery. There are still too many hikers here, but most stop at lake and do not continue to the Glacier. Fools.

Bridge Below Lake Isabel

South St. Vrain Creek Above Lake Isabel

Colombine Patch


This is a photoessay: All photos should appear in higher resolution when clicked.

August 5th, 2007 Posted by Tim | 1000 miles, Every last post | 2 comments


  1. In both this one and the last photo essay the images all looked misty. It looks great on these shots, but was it intended? Do you need to clean your lens?

    Comment by RjZ | September 24, 2007

  2. The shots are all reduced for the web. The originals are a bit sharper. But it might be time to service the trusty automatic…

    Comment by Tim | September 24, 2007

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