1000 Miles or Bust!

Take a Hike…

Stuck on Coal Creek Trail

Well, though my body has arrived back from Hawaii my mind clearly has not.  We went on a quick 3 miler on the Coal Creek Trail today, and Colorado is colder than snarf.  It was a balmy 22 degrees when we set out–a far cry from the 80s last week.  And then I managed to pull a real idiot move–I pulled around the loop in the trailhead parking lot and got my truck high-centered in deep, unplowed snow.  Fortunately a guy showed up with a winch and he pulled me out, delaying his taking his daughters tubing for a few minutes.  I feel like I complete idiot–normally I’m the one pulling people out with my four wheel drive truck–not the other way around.  But hell, got some miles in, and I need to force myself to get back in the habit back here in the cold…

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