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Herded on the Bobolink

Open Space Cattle Herding on the Bobolink TrailFrancoise and I went for a long, flat hike in the rain on the Bobolink trail (7 mi). That 7 miles really helps the April miles total–I now have to average only about 5.5 miles the last five days of the month to make April the first month I don’t fall behind, despite the fact of course that simply keeping up in a month doesn’t mean I’m catching up for the winter underage. But considering all the spring rain and snow this month, just getting to the 82.50 miles in April will be a feat. And May should be summerish, so I’ll be setting a goal of starting to catch up…

Coming back on the hike the rain cleared up and we saw three ranch-hands on horseback herding cattle between one pasture and another. They actually ended up practically herding us with the cattle through a narrows where the trail is a boardwalk over a marshy wallow. Kind of a surreal, wild west experience for a hike just on the outskirts of the city…

Photo credit: Francoise Cooperman

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